At St. Mary school we believe it is important that children receive a well–rounded education. That is why we offer more than just a strong academic program.  
  1. Physical Education
    We have a weekly physical education class because we know the importance of keeping students fit at an early age.
  2. Basketball Clinic
    Basketball clinic is offered after school for those who want to learn new techniques or just to have fun.
  3. Choir
    Music and choir is offered to students to encourage them to learn music from around the world and enjoy singing songs.
  4. Bible Class
    We instill Christian values in our students by attending bible class each week. Students learn a verse and hear a bible story in a fun and comfortable atmosphere.
  5. Character Development
    The character development program is a way in which we reward students for behaviors such as obedience, attentiveness, honesty, forgiveness, and love for one another.
  6. Orthodoxy
    Orthodoxy is offered to teach our children about the Orthodox church and what it stands for.